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We are

An Outstanding Higher Education Centre That Works For Everyone.

With the latest learning programs, career-changing certifications, industry partners and opportunities to study in UK, we make progression from education to jobs as easy as it can get for our learners globally.

We have one simple goal: To bridge the gap between working and learning. As students complete their coursework through Solitaire Pathway, they get opportunities to apply real-world knowledge through hands-on learning opportunities. Having these real-world experiences in a wide range of classes helps them, build employable resumes before they even graduate.

Working skills are shifting. A few decades ago, job searches weren’t computer-based and now, even remote working is available to more and more people. Solitaire Pathway is aware of these shifts, so we continue to innovate our global curriculum and delivery methods to include and encourage vocational education.

Did you know? Even within their chosen major, students often spend significant time absorbing theory, ideas, and procedures used by other industry professionals. They have significantly fewer opportunities to actually put these ideas into practice compared to students enrolled in a vocational education setting. But for students in a vocational education setting, this situation changes. Students spend hours each week in hands-on workshops learning practical, hands-on skills related to their chosen field.

The world is changing. The rapid and profound changes caused by technological advancement, demographics and globalization are forcing us to move away from traditional education and training systems. This gave rise to higher quality and new approaches to lifelong learning. Adapting these new approaches, our curriculum focuses on skill development. Thus moving away from a demand for routine and manual labor to a demand for high-skilled jobs. Moreover, our curriculum enhances problem-solving and interpersonal skills, while taking advantage of technology for better job opportunities.